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MixieArmadillo's Journal
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Thursday, August 12th, 2004
9:17 am
Oh, and furthermore...
I did end up buying the Honda Accord, and I am still madly in love with it. I worked at the Center for Lab Animal Science for a year, and it sucked but I made a lot of money. I lived with the crazy roommate's friends the next year and it was the best year of my whole undergrad education. People are *still* talking about that Halloween party. A year ago, Mr. Armadillo graduated and moved to Davis to live with me while I finished school, then we both moved to the land of perfect weather (translation: rains constantly, yes!) and no jobs. A few months in I started volunteering for Planned Parenthood. Six months after arriving, I was gainfully employed at Planned Parenthood Health Services of Southwestern Oregon, as a clinic assistant in the Eugene clinic. Meanwhile, he's a grad student in the MolBio department working on a PhD and finding out that he likes teaching more than he thought.
Oh, and I also finally got the puppy I'd wanted for roughly 2398423985 years, he's a Dogo Argentino who is now seven months old and roughly 80 pounds, and is The Perfect Puppy(tm).

That pretty much sums it up, I think.
9:11 am
*tap tap tap* is this thing on?
Uh... yeah, so it's next year... or rather the year after next. So we're living in a neat little house in Eugene, Oregon, I work at Planned Parenthood, have a funky website for the purpose of scrounging a little cash ( http://armadillostudios.next-development.com ) and am all domestic-like with two cats and a dog.
And in further news, the Date has finally Been Set--June 25, 2005. Be there or be square, Daddy-o.

p.s. I am going to wear a dress. This is shocking, I know. I hope it does not permanently damage your impossibly high opinions of me.
Sunday, August 4th, 2002
9:50 pm
goddamn i keep forgetting to update...
well, here i am in atlanta, with my favorite male person in the whole wide world. thai food and all the sex i can talk him into (=P), what more could a girl want? seriously though, its very very good. the whole thing i mean, being with him and all. im looking forward to next year soooooooo much i can hardly stand it.
so nothing planned for the next two weeks, except hanging out together, watching the muppets, and maybe the occasional slice of pecan pie. we are going to go to his parents house tomarrow for five days or so, keeping our fingers crossed for sushi.
i am now the proud owner of an original narbonic strip, i had no words. i think this means he has infinite relationship points, what with jewel and all. this could be dangerous...
so its been one year, or perhaps i should say "one year," being as how its difficult to pinpoint exactly when this all came about. august third of 2001 was the day he first came to california though, so that seems as good a date as any to celebrate. i actually forgot about the whole anniversary thing until we were in the car coming home from the airport, some representative *i* am for the female gender =P.
Thursday, June 20th, 2002
12:07 am
no sleep til...
well, who knows. two or three nights, im guessing. im noticing this doesnt get any easier.
on an up note, this was a very very wonderful week. we were a couple of busy kids. im feeling really really ik at the moment between no sleep and crying and bleh so i may have to do some editing later. but for the moment...
flew in last wednesday, arrived half an hour early at tenish pm, est. very happy. next day we drove nineish hours to williamsburg (bleh on the drive), alas no porn billboards but i did find out a little known biblical fact--jesus endorses waffle houses. we hung out with his parents a bit then went to sleep. friday... we... ate sushi? and then i think we hung out with bret and alex and ryan and this other strange kid that night. i watched boys play video games and got way more drunk than i intended to. but thats okay.
meanwhile, saturday we went and saw dogos. dogos are fun. we had an adventure driving to richmond, the freeway just sort of stopped at one point, so we had to take an alternate route and got lost there, too. saw dogos, they were very kissie and friendly. saturday evening was his sisters high school graduation, that was nice. had an ik moment, but all was good. we ate at the sushi restaurant but this time ate at these tables where they cook in front of you, that was fun. we watched them put 9832984234 pounds of butter in the food. not healthy, but very tasty.
sunday we drove back to atlanta, with an added hourish due to very bad planning on the part of the georgia department of transportation and their silly lane blocking. monday we went and played at the lab and saw some yeasties and then went to class, the lecturer had a cute accent but wasnt a very good speaker. i got photographic evidence of my very mostest favorite atlanta tourist attraction: girls-r-fun. yay, girls-r-fun!
then, jewel concert. yay jewel! the amphitheatre turned out to be about six miles from his apartment, but in the middle of a super nice residential section (oddly) and thus had no parking. at all. and when i say no parking, i mean everyone at this concert parked their car on the street, and we drove for like eight hours until we were almost in south carolina again and still no parking. we turned around to go see if we could weasel mike into dropping us off, but then i spotted a little side street that wasnt crowded and we ended up only about four blocks from the amphitheatre (yay mixie!). small place, very very nice. they were selling beer in glass bottles, if that tells you anything. people were eating candle-light sushi dinners. we were wearing grungy jeans and t-shirts. fun though. she was in fine form even without the guitar. cute gay couple next to me was absolutely tickled to be there. one of them told me like three times he named his dog after jewel, heh.
tuesday we made a concerted effort to not do anything. well, we did something but i cant remember exactly what. i think we just sort of hung out and spent most of the day in bed and had lunch and then later went out to thai food with john. mmmm thai. mmmmm thai. i have no other words to describe this.
today we slept (translation: i couldnt sleep) until tenish and spent most of the day hanging out, being sad, and watching a little tv. i packed. tried not to cry on multiple occasions. went to the airport, cried a lot going through the airport. no major mishaps finding my gate, so that was nice. cried some more. got on the plane, cried some more.
ill be back out there in a month, so i keep telling myself not to be too sad because its not long until im going back. but still... theres no way im going to be able to sleep tonight. i never can for the first couple days. then it gets better but i wake up sometimes even worse than before. it usually takes a week or two to not scootch over at night and expect to run into him.
le sigh.
Monday, May 27th, 2002
3:18 pm
so like two weeks ago, i was issued a formal, written reprimand at work for--get this-- coming in to work fifteen minutes early in the morning, in order to have the store ready for customers at ten o'clock when the store opens for business. i liked to have a few minutes before the store opened to get the lights turned on, doors unlocked, cages and cat furnature moved outside, the money counted and register set up, and open signs on *before* customers came in the store.
jennifer said "well, no one ELSE does that" and i said "because no one else CARES that there are customers waiting, and customers that have to climb over cat posts to get to the shelves, and customers who need help and then sometimes there are cages in the store until eleven o'clock until we have a moment to move them out. i have been working here nearly three years, and the appearance of the store is IMPORTANT to me. i feel that reflects badly on the store, and badly on me as well to be walking in the back door and turning on the lights when customers are already waiting out front. its good business practice to be open and ready for business when the store opens in the morning." there was a small space on the front of the written reprimand for "employee comments or responses". i filled that space and the entire back of the paper, heh.

today, i came into work (at exactly ten o'clock, not a minute earlier) and saw a posted notice of change in policy reading:
"effective may 28th, designated employees scheduled to open the store will now be required to come in fifteen minutes before the start of store hours to complete opening duties and ready the store for the business day."

there was a note in my mailbox saying that a note had been added to my employee file reflecting the "change in policy enacted due to my (get this) SUGGESTION". i have been vindicated. the only way i could possibly feel any better about this is if i could kick my boss in the shins and say "i told you so". but this is almost as good, heh.
Thursday, May 23rd, 2002
11:00 am
yay andy griffith
i *love* this show, heh.
so it looks as though im going to sell my aquarium today. its a bummer that i wont be able to set it up, but i dont have the space or money for it right now. maybe some day. so i never got the fun of setting it up and growing a three foot panther grouper, but i *am* almost doubling my money, on it, thats fun.
i had a really really creepy dream last night, dreamt that i was talking to my kid and he told me that he had another girlfriend that he had met online, and that he didnt know if he was going to marry her, but that it probably was "going to be a forever thing". and then he proceeded to tell me that he did still want me to move in with him because he didnt know how that other relationship was going to turn out and he does like me. i also dreamed that i had swallowed a chain (like a silver necklace chain only longer and heavier) but the end of it was still in my mouth, so i had to pull it out of my throat and stomach, and it cut me all up inside as i was pulling it out so i started puking blood. i woke up completely crushed, and really freaked out, and it took me several minutes to realize it had only been a dream. ik.
had a fun conversation with him last night, we talked for nearly two hours i think and it felt like ten minutes. i cant wait to go see him (less than three weeks!) and i know its going to be over before its begun.
Monday, May 20th, 2002
6:54 pm
random barfing
seems to be the theme of the day. ive got several papers to write but no ambition. i just want to be curled up in the dark next to him, not doing anything except being warm and appreciating.
im so cold all the time.
Friday, May 17th, 2002
3:39 pm
working on a project, writing about thiebaud and atkinson. dont think ill have to interview, both relief and disappointment.
not much to report, have to pick up the nudie ratboy from the vet later, he got snipped today.
am looking forward to the trip. its nice every time to see him and how our relationship has evolved over the intervening spans of time. i want him to tell me good things and be romanticish and woo me, heh, but i am exquisitely happy just waking up next to him in the morning, or watching tv together. im comfortable with him, and how he knows my heart and my mind. hes my best friend and my lover, and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him.
and get laid a lot =P
Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
6:54 pm
had a job interview this morning, at animal resources on campus. went *beautifully* or at least i think so. basically, the job entails feeding, cleaning and caring for lab animals from mice and rats to monkeys, goats, and horses. basically any kind of animal that is used in biomedical research. sounds fun. think i can handle that. they told me they would let me know in about two weeks one way or the other. the pay is really really good, so i would LOVE to get this job, except that its full time, seven am to four pm five days a week, which leaves little time for summer session courses. they know i am a full time student, so *if* i get the job i can start after the quarter ends in a couple weeks, and after i get back from atlanta. lets keep our collective fingers crossed, shall we?
am trying to get ahold of wayne thiebaud to interview for a class project. i hope he agrees to do it, and i also hope that if he does, i dont forget the english language and look like an idiot. jesus god, wayne thiebaud.
Tuesday, May 14th, 2002
6:56 pm
hung out with hippies this weekend, yay whole earth festival. had my palm read, that was interesting. got called for an animal tech job, it pays really really well so hopefully i will get it. could *definitely* use some cash.
to top the wonderfulness of the week off... i will be seeing my Male Person much sooner than expected =) =). weve purchased a plane ticket for one mixie of the armadillo sort to travel to a certain southern state exactly one month from tomarrow. ill be leaving towards the end of my finals week. only have one tested final but a ton of written projects so hopefully ill be able to get those out of the way one by one in the next couple weeks.
sometimes i miss him so much it makes me sick.
the countdown begins, can hardly sit still...
Monday, May 6th, 2002
11:17 pm
yo, journal
cooties again. i swear, i dont remember ever getting sick this often. i couldnt get an appointment anywhere in davis because--get this--i *have* insurance. so they wouldnt see me.
every time i start to think earning a living, going to school, and not getting pregnant are all successful things, society teaches me id be much better off knocked up and on welfare.
but i digress. i scurried up to kerri who wrote me a scrip for a z-pack and some cough syrup, which i just took and was no where NEAR as ikky as i remember it being when i was like eight.
got formally written up at work today. for coming in fifteen minutes before im scheduled to open the store in the mornings. i always thought it was a responsible thing to do, show a little initiative, get there a bit early and be ready for business at ten when we officially open... rather than walk through the door and turn on the lights when there are people waiting outside, who then have to come in and negotiate around piles of cages and cat posts until you get them all moved outside. seems rather unprofessional, to me, but they say that because no one else does, i shouldnt either. no one else bothers because no one else cares.
im really sort of disgusted with the whole thing, at this point. i do something that most people would commend, and they give me a formal written reprimand.
stilllllll looking for a new job.
Sunday, April 28th, 2002
8:02 pm
mmm tasty
i am the proud owner of a sexy new vehicle. its a metallic dark green 98 honda accord. its got tinted windows, a six cd stacker, power everything, a vtech engine, and a nifty little holder for your sunglasses.
sort of scary, except for tuition im completely on my own now.
i just want to be a toys r us kid...
Friday, April 26th, 2002
9:31 pm
cars n stuff
so i got my paycheck from adam today, that was nice. josh gave me a ride to the credit union (yay josh) since he had to go there anyway and i dont trust my car at *all*.
i test drove a nissan 200sx se today. it was a super cute car, that particular model being nissans "sports car" heh. it accelerated strangely, dad says its cause im used to a carburetor while that is fuel injected. either case, it would definitely take some getting used to. it *was* a five speed stick which was ultra nice. the sales guy offered it to me for $8,000ish, i would have bought it on the spot, today. however, he left us sitting there for almost forty five minutes (bleh) and when he came back he hiked the price by a thousand dollars (extra bleh). we left.
im supposed to test drive a couple more cars, a toyota corolla and a nissan altima, on sunday, if i like one of them ill buy it, if not ill go ahead and get this one. it just seems to me that if im going to go ahead and spend ten thousand dollars, i might as well get the car i *really* want.
we shall see.
my grandma is okay, the doctors said she is doing fine and feeling spunky, theyre sending her home today.
i had marli euthanized this morning. i sat in the vets office bawling and held her while they injected it straight into her belly. the vet left and i sat with her on my lap, crying, until she died.
8:50 am
...and this morning my grandmother had a seizure
Thursday, April 25th, 2002
11:41 pm
allow me to summarize. in the last three weeks or so, ive had:
~my roommates go psycho and try to kill each other
~a major pay cut
~a major hour cut (resulting in beginning a job hunt)
~which means i cant buy a car (the day before beginning the process of buying one)
~i lost my house, effective at the end of the lease in three months because of said psycho roommates
~got turned down for the only job for which i got called for an interview
~internal bleeding returns
~constant ringing/rushing sound in one ear, seems to be throwing my balance off... not that i had any to begin with
~my gopher snake died two days ago
~my car started making a horrible sound and shaking really hard at idle
~the first mammalian pet i ever had of my own has to die tomarrow

its a damn good thing the only thing ive had in my stomach today was a cup of water and a little juice. im going to go drink half a bottle of pepto bismol and pass out.
Wednesday, April 24th, 2002
11:01 pm
im marred =P
me: i am *pristine,* virginal, pure as the driven snow... unmarred, in fact!
him: yeah... i already marred you, dear

jesus god, i laughed for like ten solid minutes, heh.
7:44 pm
yay go-go boots
dude, nancy sinatra is *hott.*
meanwhile, watched the usual suspects in class today, that is an excellent movie. never had i seen. not a whole lot to talk about... saw drew as i was leaving wellman, he gave me a hug while trying to hold a plate of pizza and a cup of something at the same time, heh. appreciated the effort. hadnt seen that kid in a while, hes interesting. cindys mom is putting lots of pressure on me to sell her my car, and im finding it harder and harder to resist, even though i *know* i need to wait. but... if i sold her mine, that would cover me for like three months, and theres no way i wouldnt have a better job within that time... but i cant take that chance, so bleh. but i still *really* want a new car, heh.
rumbly tummy, going to go rummage the fridge and see what i can scrounge.
Tuesday, April 23rd, 2002
10:52 pm
pop quiz
you have to answer the following questions, using lyrics only.

1. Are you male or female?
2. Describe yourself
3. How do others feel about you?
4. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend
5. What would you rather be doing?
6. Describe where you live
7. Describe how you love
8. Share a few words of wisdom

1. are you male or female?

Born in the north
And sworn to entertain ya
'Cause I'm down for
The state of Pennsylvania

I try to whine
But I must warn ya
Bout the mother fuckin’
Girls from California

~red hot chili peppers, around the world

2. describe yourself

Naked in the rain with black tattoos
Runnin' through the woods laughin' at the blues

~red hot chili peppers, naked in the rain

3. How do others feel about you?

I never met an animal that I didn't like
You can come to me I won't bite
Don't you know dog is man's best friend
There is some love that you can't fight

~red hot chili peppers, naked in the rain

I wish I could write you a melody so plain
That could hold you dear lady from going insane
That could ease you and cool you and cease the pain
Of your useless and pointless knowledge. . . .

~bob Dylan, tombstone blues

4. Describe your boyfriend/girlfriend

But of all those friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life I love you more

~in my life, lennon/mccartney

5. What would you rather be doing?

Why don't we do it in the road?
No one will be watching us
Why don't we do it in the road?

~why don’t we do it in the road, lennon/mccartney

6. Describe where you live

If you're goin' to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair
If you're goin' to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some gentle people there

For those who come to San Francisco
Summertime will be a love-in there
In the streets of San Francisco
Gentle people with flowers in their hair

~scott McKenzie, san francisco

7. Describe how you love

the farther i fall i'm beside you
as lost as i get i will find you
the deeper the wound i'm inside you
for ever and ever i am a part of

you and me
if the world should break in two
until the very end of me
until the very end of you

~nine inch nails, were in this together now

there's a warmth in my heart
It haunts me when you're gone
Mend me to your side and never let go
Say 'Time knows nothing, we'll never grow old'
The more I live
The more I know
What's simple is true
I love you

~jewel, whats simple is true

Uh oh, it doesn't matter what they say,
I know i'm gonna love you any old way.
What can i do, when it's true.
Don't want nobody, nobody,
'Cause baby, it's you.
(sha la la la la la la)
Baby, it's you.
(sha la la la la la la)

~the shirelles, baby its you
(okay so i couldnt decide, live with it)

8. Share a few words of wisdom

You have many contacts
among the lumberjacks
To get you facts
when someone attacks your imagination
But nobody has any respect,
anyway they already expect you
To all give a check
to tax-deductable charity organizations

You've been with the professors,
and they all liked your looks
With great lawyers you have
discussed lepers and crooks
You've read all of
F. Scott Fitzgerald's books
You're very well read,
its well known

Because something is happening here
And you don't know what it is,
do you, Mister Jones ?

~bob Dylan, ballad of a thin man
8:57 am
pan-amoebic algebra breed bizarre bacteria, what to do, oh what to do?
hmm so i didnt get the job, which is sort of a relief. no guaranteed hours and graveyard shifts are not my bag, baby.
the boa shed, which makes me happy. he refused food last week, and i was worried. the big tuck man seems to be settling in nicely, i havent let him meet frieda and diego yet. i wish i could have him snipped and keep them all together but it seems sort of unfair to do it at this point, heh. pardon me while i go give him a hug. okay, returned. so meanwhile, have applied for a couple more jobs, am now waiting on four. will apply at another place tomarrow. nothing terribly exciting to report, classes are maintaining interest, which is nice. im taking a cultural anthropology class, one called 'images of america in society,' a humanities class which is an in depth survey of the year 1968, which is tremendously fun, then two upper division art history courses--contemporary art and the arts of india and southeast asia. both of these are excellent so far. god i love modernism. i heart piero manzoni.
im taking two summer session one courses, both lower division randomness for the purposes of fluff units. the classes end on the same day im due to leave for atlanta, hopefully the sociology course will be a written final or something, otherwise ill have to see if i can take an incomplete and make it up later.
this car situation is getting tense. god, i need a new job. cindys mama wants to buy ellen, which would be lovely, and assuming i had a new job to support payments, i would get a new goddamned car.
i feel constantly as though im waiting around on something. maybe its just waiting to leave... temporary job, temporary housing, temporary school, temporary friends. its hard to feel invested when you know youre going to leave. im looking forward to next year, not just because of *him* although thats obviously a big part of it, but at least its a step towards the completion of my education and a real job and a real home and a real life. the last six months have pretty much done nothing but fuel my desire to get the hell out of here. im just so ready for it all to be over, you know? its time to move on. blah blah blah.
Monday, February 11th, 2002
9:53 pm
the return of mixie
today was fun. i worked at the raptor center this morning, got the feedings done super quickly (soooooooo much more efficent when theres not four new volunteers trying to help all at once) and then helped flightline a hawk. that was *really* a cool thing to see. basically, the rehab birds are taken out and flown for excercise and practice before being released. we put traditional jesses and a swivel on the bird and attached him to a line on a fishing reel (no, really), threw him in the air and let him fly out fifty yards or so before he landed, trotted out and brought him in and tossed him in the air again. we flew him four times before it was time to go back in, i think he felt good when we were done and seemed not to mind being picked up too much. also took evie out for taming and there was a family there, so we did an impromptu educational thing. three kids, very excited and super good, listened to everything i said and did exactly what i told them, heh. evie as always was soooooo patient and didnt even bate once. shes such a good girl.
it looks as though the store is really truly getting sold. adam says im going to like him, i hope so. im going to be bummed if he gets chintzy with the critters and makes us stop giving them fruits and veggies and such to save money, or something. adam says hes probably going to knock out the fishroom wall and turn it into a wild bird section with feeders and food and books and such. evidently hes big into wild birds. not sure how that relates to pet keeping but hey, if we can get another sector of the population in to buy a bird feeder and sell them some dog food at the same time, cant complain too much about that.
meanwhile, im having to scurry to finish a piece. im going to cover a wall in the art building with packs of ramen. i bought six hundred packs of ramen today, heh. i submitted a piece to a juried student art show last week, ill find out tomarrow if it got chosen. if it did, ill have it up in the mu gallery for a month or so. im squirmy but not letting myself be too antsy because i dont want to be too bummed when it doesnt get picked.
so thats all for now, imma gonna go smoke some pottage with the roommates and do a little reading before bed. i got a new pillow! very exciting.

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